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"...the album has a touch of the sophisticated New England Back Bay feeling of those Boston Brahmin families and their Victorian homes. Gastronomically speaking, the album could be compared with a meal of salad, oysters, and steak..."

                   -Victor L. Schermer,

"Exceptional talent."

- Newburyport News


"Sara Bielanski, as the playful Spring Beauty, Snegurochka’s mother, opens the opera. Although Harvard University’s Lowell Hall is not an ideal opera stage, Bielanski’s bright voice rings clear throughout the hall."

- Arts Fuse


"Bielanski...delivers some of the most mystifying and beautiful lines of the production. [She] proves that her smooth voice can be a versatile instrument. Making use of a melancholic undertone, Bielanski skillfully shapes the lush phrases and drives them forward with a pulsating passion."

- Arts Fuse


"The performances were all high quality: Ms. Bielanski has a lovely, plummy mezzo"

- Boston Musical Intelligencer


"Appealing [as Mercedes]"

- The Boston Phoenix

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